MaryAnne left cropped


Let me tell you something strange about MaryAnne. She’s an only kid in the DuPree family. That’s not so different, it’s how her whole family talks like they’re in church all the time. Our family has Sundays for church. Not the DuPrees. MaryAnne talks about God like she saw him yesterday. Her Dad makes like he’s telling a sermon when we’re just visiting around the table. And MaryAnne’s Mom dresses like she might leave for church any minute. They even pray over snacks!

If Stoney Creek weren’t so small I would just as well do stuff with somebody else. But you can’t pick your relatives, and at Stoney Creek you can’t pick your friends either. You have to put up with what ya’ got. That’s why I still talk to MaryAnne.

Actually, it’s more like listening to MaryAnne. She’s the one with all the words, next to Ricky, that is. I hope you read For The Love of Ricky sometime because then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Maybe MaryAnne will understand too.


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